The Face of your Company

People buy people, so it is important to reveal the human side of your enterprise, as very often the first image people see is the profile photo on your website, blog or social networking site. You need to communicate effectively with your chosen audience, ensuring you are sending the right message about your organisation. Be sure to personalise the connection you make, it helps your customer see you as a person instead of an abstract web site.

In the past companies have not been keen to invest heavily in photography for their corporation as they see it as an unnecessary expense compared to the overall promotion of the company, but consider this: Your company sites will be the first thing your potential customers will see, they are the windows to your company.

Here are a few points you may want to consider about your current business photography:

  • Has the image been taken in a relaxed, comfortable surrounding?
  • Is the light flattering?
  • Is the background distracting?
  • Is the image up to date?
  • Can you clearly see the individual?
  • Does it give the right impression and match your brand image?
  • Is it a quick snap shot taken by a colleague?
  • Does the individual look approachable and trustworthy?
  • Is the image engaging?
  • Would you connect to this person on a social networking site? 
  • Most importantly would you do business with this person?

If the answer to any of these is “no” then perhaps you need to speak to a professional business portrait photographer. Investment in your business photography can set you apart from your competitors. There is still a lack of investment in images and graphics online stay one step ahead and put a human face to your company.

 Post by Penny Joyner (PA Photocall)