CNN leads the way with more integrated multimedia website

With CNN launching it’s new website with a focus on better integrated video and photography, it highlights the importance of considering a multimedia approach for all new stories.

Brian Stelter of The Washington Post said last week:

“The Web site, which will come online Monday, aims to highlight’s original content. The red-hued home page will place breaking news and headlines to the left side, and add a feature section in the centre. It will often include a video player front and centre, reflecting the growing popularity of online video. “

With 38 million unique visitors a month, exists within the top tier of news Web sites, making any redesign particularly influential.”

As someone who not only works in a news agency but also works in communications, I get my news through many channels through out the day:

  • Getting ready for work: Radio – BBC Radio 4
  • Commuting to work: Print – The Independent newspaper
  • At work: Online – Press Association newswire (Mediapoint) / RSS feeds / Twitter / industry newsletters / email alerts
  • Commuting home: Print – Free Paper
  • Winding down: TV – BBC Newsnight, ITV 10 o’clock news

Wow, just writing that list shows how much news I personally consume in any given day and all the different channels I use to get it. I am sure that most people would find that if they did the same list, they also would beconsuming their news through a variety of platforms.

Of course, not all media avenues will be relevant or possible for each campaign as budgets and content are of course varied but starting off by thinking about a multimedia approach to any campaign can be key to getting the most coverage and therefore the biggest impact for yours or your client’s message.

Posted by Suzy Richards @ TNR Communications