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Thought Leadership- PR’s Next Frontier

Converging forces are at work to revolutionize public relations as practiced in today’s social media landscape. Business now finds itself compelled to open new channels of communications in its’ quest to influence its’ publics and to establish a position of “thought leadership.” Thought leadership is rapidly emerging as the key to enhancing company, and entrepreneurial, credibility and to influence decision-makers in every field of endeavor.

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Where Has All the Trust Gone?

Americans, we the people, have become a distrustful lot of late, hardly surprising news given our Recessionary new world order that is rammed home daily in headlines detailing the failures, cover-ups, and worse, of corporate America and its leaders.

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Will It Blend? – Traditional and Social Media

As a veteran PR counselor specializing in the creative marketing services space, I avidly track the evolution of media channels, especially the growing challenge that “social media” poses to “traditional media” for marketplace dominance.
When working to develop leadership positions for emerging companies an understanding of which media will most profoundly impact one’s reputation and positively influence prospective clients, is key. So a radical shift in the media landscape poses new challenges to practitioners as they develop media relations campaigns designed to elevate clients’ to industry spokes-company status.

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“Every Company is a Media Company”

As early as 2006 the phrase “Every Company is a Media Company” began to appear in speeches, news stories and blog columns, presaging a paradigm shift in the way business of every stripe must communicate with their audiences in the Internet / social media age.

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