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12% of UK Consumers Buy Clothes and Shoes Online


We’ve recently been doing a considerable amount of brand and advertising acquisition work with online retailers and insurers. Looking through a few market studies, I discovered that “men are twice more likely to shop online than women” according to retailer CB Richard Ellis.

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Big Companies Aren’t Creative

I’ve spent quite a bit of time with a senior principal at IBM recently. We’ve had a few inflammatory discussions around the IBM brand, corporate green washing and the most recent Accenture / IBM / NHS deal or no-deal. However what did spark an interesting debate was based on IBM’s approach to creativity and commercial innovation.

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Is Nike stealing its Research?

I recently watched a fascinating presentation on Open Data, by Nike VP of Sustainability, Hannah Jones. For those who don’t know Open Data is the concepts of making intellectual property and patents freely available to gen public. Read more on Is Nike stealing its Research?…

Is the British Brand broken?

Union Jack

As a nation Britain has suffered from brand decay, largely around football, holidaymakers abroad, even the Iraq war. But recent riots, televised and sensationalised around the world have even had the head of Visit Britain and British Tourism on television defending the nation.

The problem that the British brand faces is that it stands for dysfunction. Dysfunctional coalition government, dysfunctional ethnic tolerance, dysfunctional society, even a dysfunctional Royal family (although they have made strides in recent years). It is difficult to think of a nation that so clearly re-enforces its stereotypes with the rest of the world. In the past, I’ve even been asked by chief executives to steer clear of national advertising campaigns that feature the Union Jack in shop windows, just in case it incites antisocial behaviour against the store brands in question. Read more on Is the British Brand broken?…

Now who’s going to fire the PR department? by @TheAgencyUK

We know social media has exposed us, Max Clifford’s hide and leak approach is weak, and MumsNet can bring down News of the World. So what’s the answer for effective brand management in this social media era?

As in-house marketers and agency mad men we spend the majority of our time assessing different ways our brands get noticed, become relevant, engage an audience and trigger a sale, all whilst protecting them from negativity along the way. Fairly standard fodder for most of us today. Read more on Now who’s going to fire the PR department? by @TheAgencyUK…

Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK

By Saman Mansourpour, as featured in ViewPoint Magazine
My alarm clock kicks in and the DJ tells me to tweet him. I brush my teeth and wonder if one of those semi-intelligent brushes might make my teeth whiter. I head downstairs and think it would be good to get one of those interactive fridges that tells me what I’ve run out of and whether I should order more. Then the phone clicks – it’s a smart one, you know.
I’m inundated with information about people I haven’t seen in years and probably don’t want to. But I click the ‘like’ button and everything’s fine. We’re all friends, though secretly I’m glad I don’t have my home address on my profile. Read more on Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK…

I Thought Leaders had a Clue? by @TheAgencyUK

I’ve met a number of very senior thought leaders recently. Many of which have modelled the current social landscape in their minds, speculated on how human behaviour and interaction with brands will evolve over the coming decades.

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Social media is just a mad trolley dash? by @TheAgencyUK

The recession hit everyone hard. Yet amidst the downturn we saw the rise of social media. Big brands embraced it with both hands, trying new creative ideas gaining interest and generating momentum.

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You need more traction before you can freewheel; by @TheAgencyUK

Today so many companies are in the midst of a social media frenzy. They’re desperately trying to play catch-up with the latest technologies. And at the same time they’re terrified about losing control over their brand. I wonder how many could actually claim to have control of their communications at all? Shouldn’t that be put right before they dive into social media and give customers a mouth piece?

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