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CNN leads the way with more integrated multimedia website

With CNN launching it’s new website with a focus on better integrated video and photography, it highlights the importance of considering a multimedia approach for all new stories.

Brian Stelter of The Washington Post said last week:

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Paper Magazines introduce Video Advertising…?

There was a lot of stuff on Twitter by the end of last week, spreading the announcement of the worlds first video in paper magazines.

The very fact that we had to talk about ‘paper’ magazines is in itself indicative of were we are now. In all my time as a reader of everything from Shoot! to Homes & Gardens I’ve never once felt it necessary to clarify I was picking up a ‘paper’ magazine in much the same way I’ve yet to ask for a ‘liquid’coffee at Starbucks.

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The Face of your Company

People buy people, so it is important to reveal the human side of your enterprise, as very often the first image people see is the profile photo on your website, blog or social networking site. You need to communicate effectively with your chosen audience, ensuring you are sending the right message about your organisation. Be sure to personalise the connection you make, it helps your customer see you as a person instead of an abstract web site.

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The End of the Embargo?

Interesting piece in the current issue of PR Week about concerns we could be seeing the ‘Slow death of the embargo’. The Wall Street Journal is believed to have introduced a new policy stipulating that they will only honour embargos on exclusive stories. It’s a change of direction that’s obviously brought on by the pressure to be first with breaking news amid increasing competition from other online media outlets especially bloggers who traditionally have been more cavalier with embargos.

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