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Is ‘Creativity for Good’, good for creativity?


halopencilIn 2013, D&AD introduced the White Pencil to honour ‘sustainable and ethical advertising and design that makes a real difference.’ It was originally intended to mark the organisation’s 50th anniversary by ‘putting D&AD’s global community to work in the service of a cause.’ That cause was Peace Day.

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Cadbury, it seems given the consumer endorsement online, has sparked a renaissance in mail media through its innovative use of Royal Mail’s Matter Box, which puts exciting and interesting branded “stuff” directly into the hands of UK consumers via the letterbox. This move from the confectionary giant is sure to act as an endorsement of the mail and will likely have other brands reassessing the power of the post. If indeed this is the case this will be a welcome ignition, and one that I hope agencies will amplify, as direct mail (as reinforced by some of the exceptional campaigns showcased at the recent DMA awards) still holds a valuable position within the marketing mix.


Data appending; it’s as easy as boiling an egg

Any good chef will know that even their most favoured recipe will be doomed to failure if they use sub-standard ingredients. Many will rise before dawn to hit the best local markets to secure the very best produce, and some will even fly in the raw materials of their soon to be culinary delights, from thousands of miles away, in order to get the look and taste of a dish just right.

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