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AgencyUK launches new product ranges for Pestle Herbs



The misery of summertime itching , sleepless nights and endless winter sniffles could be left behind as AgencyUK launch a series of new product ranges from online e-tailer, Pestle Herbs, with a targeted digital campaign. The campaign follows the agency’s appointment earlier this year to develop brand strategy and manage brand communications.

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AgencyUK Creates Tailor-made Campaign for Indian Sauces

The Spice Tailor

The Spice Tailor

AgencyUK has teamed up with The Spice Tailor to promote their unique brand of Indian sauces in the UK and Australia.

Created by TV chef Anjum Anand, The Spice Tailor utilises authentic ingredients that can be ‘tailored to taste’ in a convenient, three-step cooking process.

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AgencyUK top Digital Agency in the South West



AgencyUK (formerly The Agency) has been revealed as the top digital agency in the South West, according to The Drum’s Digital Census.

The prestigious piece of research produced annually by industry publication, The Drum, reviews the UK’s digital agency sector, taking a measure of its health and success over the previous year and providing a benchmark for clients.

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Festival Puts the Digital spotlight on City “for Good” featuring The Agency’s Sammy


This week hundreds of people are expected to flock to Bath, not because of the usual tourist attractions but because of all things digital.

The 2014 Bath Digital Festival is now well under way and this year’s event looks to highlight how digital can be used for good.

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Less David vs Goliath, more Goliath vs Goliath


The latest round of the ongoing battle between the might of NewsCorp and the power of Google is not merely about a clash of two heavyweights in the media landscape. It stems from a much wider question – Does Google favour its own listings in the search rankings?

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Chasing tails or pursuing improvements?

The other night I sat down for a glass of wine with a good friend who also happens to be a fellow marketer. We got to talking about the exciting immediacy of marketing today, especially real-time engagement through clever use of social media and apps.

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The Great Football Fundraising Event

We are a group of people working in advertising and media going on a trip to Tanzania to go and give footballs to children in some of the poorest and most remote areas of the country.
In order to raise funds for the footballs, we are organising an event which should be of interest to the marketing industry, taking place on Wednesday 27th October in the evening in central London at The City Tavern (By St Paul’s).

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Preferential Treatment – By Dan Binns, Senior Account Director, Epsilon International EMEA

Consumers in the digital age want to feel part of an online family; but one that recognises each person’s individual preferences – which is precisely what social media platforms are helping to achieve. However, cultivating a brand-sponsored community of any kind means ensuring that corporate messages resonate with the target audience. More simply put, marketers keen to engage with consumers online need to ensure they’re giving them what they want, when they want it and in the right format.
Consider brand X – a big player in international FMCG markets complete with an all singing, all dancing marketing strategy; enough cash to lure the world’s top creative brains into concocting, implementing and integrating some of the most ingenious on and offline campaigns the global advertising community has ever seen; and the added benefit of possessing a widely recognised insignia. Yet no-one wants to play. Brand X is no playground bully: it’s simply a victim of market saturation. While such ‘maximalist’ marketing does wonders for brand building, it does little to inspire individual endorsements, or word of mouth marketing – precisely what online platforms are great at.
In many ways, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways of directing consumers online, but fierce competition for inbox space means that brands not only need to justify why they’re sending information, but must also empower audiences to specify how, when and what information is sent.
That’s why the importance of the initial email sign up process – using web pages known as preference centres – cannot be underestimated. Irrelevancy is the new spam, and there’s a definite need for those companies sending emails to ensure that customers are given the option to specify the frequency and content of messages. In this way, the consumer benefits from a more tailored communication stream, which is more likely to increase brand engagement, loyalty, purchase activity and most importantly, lead to improved ROI.
Although customer preferences and brand authenticity become important in this environment, enabling website visitors to specify what they’re interested in creates additional opportunities to collate and use new data. For instance, with increased usage of real-time messages for delivering service messaging, billing statements or registration, communications that focus on transactional details can also be used to offer up supplementary marketing information or new sales opportunities specific to the recipient’s interests.
Techniques like these are more likely to raise overall customer satisfaction, improve brand recognition and increase conversions. The key to success is keeping messages both targeted and informative without bombarding the customer.
In the digital age, engagement is a two-way street. As long as brand-sponsored community initiatives enable consumers to assert their influence, they’ll continue to be keen ambassadors with clear and present voices.

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Email and Social Media – A Compelling Partnership

By Jon Maddison, UK Country Director, Epsilon International.

Every marketing channel has its strengths and limitations. Social media is the channel du jour with many benefits; messages are considered non obtrusive, trusted and are in real time. But on the downside you cannot control what gets promoted. If your message is uninspiring then your followers will not choose to relay it to their friends. And as you cannot tailor each message to the end recipient, as you can with direct marketing channels, marketers are often limited to putting out generic, vanilla-flavoured content.

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Technology as the enabler of sustainability

Within companies, the sustainability agenda has moved from
green marketing to sustainability communications and from simple compliance to a
source of innovation.

Companies that have invested in ‘greening’ their internal
processes, such as their supply chain, now have a good story to tell and are
looking for new and interactive ways to take their consumers on their
sustainability journey with them.

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