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Anti-marketing groups – cause for the good or cause for concern?

The direct marketing discipline has long been the ‘whipping boy’ for the marketing industry. Excess waste, poor targeting and unsolicited are common accusations, despite it being one of the most targeted and measurable mediums. Anyone who saw the recent Panorama programme on ‘junk mail’ will note how easy it is for the mainstream media to demonise and under-value our profession.

Under this trend for ‘anti-marketing’, there are an increasing number of companies emerging – such as the Anti-Marketing Group – that supposedly help consumers eliminate unwanted sales calls and junk mail. But whose interests do such organisations really have at their heart – the consumers’, or their own? Read more on Anti-marketing groups – cause for the good or cause for concern?…

The Bible Direct Marketing, and Research

The New Testament is not my normal source of marketing inspiration. Being secular, cynical, and non Christian, its probably fair to say that I have seldom sought inspiration in it all, unless you define reading it to try and get to sleep in a hotel without cable as an inspiration situation.

And its fair to say that when ‘thought for the day’ comes on the Today programme, I usually interpret it as a sign that if I don’t leave immediately, I’ll be late for my first meeting.

But last week, a late meeting off site created an opportunity to listen, and in 8 short words, a minister whose name I did not catch convinced me that I’ve truly been missing a trick. Read more on The Bible Direct Marketing, and Research…

Now who’s going to fire the PR department? by @TheAgencyUK

We know social media has exposed us, Max Clifford’s hide and leak approach is weak, and MumsNet can bring down News of the World. So what’s the answer for effective brand management in this social media era?

As in-house marketers and agency mad men we spend the majority of our time assessing different ways our brands get noticed, become relevant, engage an audience and trigger a sale, all whilst protecting them from negativity along the way. Fairly standard fodder for most of us today. Read more on Now who’s going to fire the PR department? by @TheAgencyUK…

Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK

By Saman Mansourpour, as featured in ViewPoint Magazine
My alarm clock kicks in and the DJ tells me to tweet him. I brush my teeth and wonder if one of those semi-intelligent brushes might make my teeth whiter. I head downstairs and think it would be good to get one of those interactive fridges that tells me what I’ve run out of and whether I should order more. Then the phone clicks – it’s a smart one, you know.
I’m inundated with information about people I haven’t seen in years and probably don’t want to. But I click the ‘like’ button and everything’s fine. We’re all friends, though secretly I’m glad I don’t have my home address on my profile. Read more on Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK…

Chasing tails or pursuing improvements?

The other night I sat down for a glass of wine with a good friend who also happens to be a fellow marketer. We got to talking about the exciting immediacy of marketing today, especially real-time engagement through clever use of social media and apps.

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I Thought Leaders had a Clue? by @TheAgencyUK

I’ve met a number of very senior thought leaders recently. Many of which have modelled the current social landscape in their minds, speculated on how human behaviour and interaction with brands will evolve over the coming decades.

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Suppress to impress

“Mr Postman look and see if there’s a letter in your bag for me – why’s it taking such a long time?…”

Chances are because the brand you’re waiting to hear from hasn’t got the right contact details for you in its database. It’s very easy to waste a lot of money on marketing campaigns for the sake of a bit of effort and often minimal investment.

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Cadbury, it seems given the consumer endorsement online, has sparked a renaissance in mail media through its innovative use of Royal Mail’s Matter Box, which puts exciting and interesting branded “stuff” directly into the hands of UK consumers via the letterbox. This move from the confectionary giant is sure to act as an endorsement of the mail and will likely have other brands reassessing the power of the post. If indeed this is the case this will be a welcome ignition, and one that I hope agencies will amplify, as direct mail (as reinforced by some of the exceptional campaigns showcased at the recent DMA awards) still holds a valuable position within the marketing mix.


Build or buy a database?

If you are serious about engendering long term profitable relationships from existing customers it is widely agreed that deriving effective insight from customer data is critical.

However, there is so much to bear in mind before an organisation can generate effective insight. A key question they must consider is do they have the appropriate processes in place to collect and manage data? Data collection is not easy, because of the plethora of platforms they use to communicate with customers. This is made even more complicated with the growth of digital and the opportunities presented by social media and mobile technologies. Nevertheless it is these new routes that allow marketers to gather even more meaningful insight on consumer behaviour and preferences than ever before.

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Why consumers should care about data governance

This question – should consumers care about data governance? – is a big one to answer, covering the collection, storage and use of data. However, it is one that demands a reasonably simple answer. That is yes, they really should.

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