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Harnessing The Power Of The Digital Consumer by @TheAgencyUK


We live in a world where media is increasingly fragmented and brands have to fight harder and harder to attract attention, and it has taken marketers a long time to come to terms with this.

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10 Golden Rules For A Successful Celebrity Affair by @TheAgencyUK


The celebrity machine took hold in advertising decades ago, and as Ad Men and Joe Public we’ve been pushing, pulling and undressing celebs to capture a sneak peak into the brands they live with. But, the influx of semi-celebrity, the invention of zelebrity’s and the see and forget nature of the media means that at any one time there are a huge number of people looking to cash-in on their 15 minutes of fame. Read more on 10 Golden Rules For A Successful Celebrity Affair by @TheAgencyUK…

Being Commercially Creative by @TheAgencyUK


Phil Blackmore, creative director at The Agency, discusses what being “commercially creative” means for a business and how to ensure success.

It’s Monday morning and I’m taking a brief for a new client. The brief is well written, focused and full of promise. But as I scan the page I see a familiar phrase rears it head… ‘The creative idea must be commercially focused’.

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Does Big Data mean Big Mobile? by Matt Rees @TheAgencyUK


Firstly, what does “Big Data” actually mean?

Big Data is, unsurprisingly, a big subject, but in its broadest term it refers to the increasingly huge amount of information that is available to us today. This is primarily driven by the way consumers are embracing the internet as part of their everyday lives. Financial services have been using transactional data to drive marketing for years. Often data from external sources, such as lifestyle data, is overlaid to improve the power of predictive models, and this structured data is increasingly being generated online. However the internet is also generating a wealth of less structured data including content consumption, social media, blogs and even digital photos that can also be harnessed to improve our understanding of consumers. The challenge of capturing, combining and analysing all this information underpins the big data phenomenon. Simply put, we can improve our understanding of consumers by viewing them from the different perspectives offered by different types of data e.g. what products have they bought, what are they doing online, what are they saying in social media, who are they sharing content with etc.

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Does 4G free brand advertising? by @TheAgencyUK


The dust has settled on the bidding process for the new 4G network in the UK with the main protagonists, Everything Everywhere, Vodafone, O2, Hutchinson 3G and Niche Spectrum Ventures (BT), shelling out a combined £2.34 billion for access rights. Not an insignificant sum you might say, but still only around 10% of the auction of the 3G network in 2000 and over £1 billion less than the Treasury had forecast. Read more on Does 4G free brand advertising? by @TheAgencyUK…

I sold out to Big Data by @TheAgencyUK


There’s a lot of talk about ‘Big Data’, it’s certainly the 2013 buzz with firms EMC2, IBM, Oracle even Adobe speaking louder than most.

But what does it actually mean?

When you get past the spin, hype and bluster, Big Data is actually a simple proposition. It’s about accessing and consolidating data from multiple data sources, and delivering insights that improve the way an organisation delivers products and services to consumers. So what’s so ‘big’ about that? Read more on I sold out to Big Data by @TheAgencyUK…

It Takes Two to Tango by @TheAgencyUK

With the predicted onset of Social Commerce, aptly named sCommerce by the principals at IBM, we are about to witness the next technological revolution. Goodbye CRM, goodbye traditional direct marketing and hello social commerce. Read more on It Takes Two to Tango by @TheAgencyUK…

Death of the Mall by @TheAgencyUK

The list, the rush, the panic shoving and buying, the last minute promotions all make up the Christmas shopping experience most of us have grown up with. In recent times, a shortage of highly prized Christmas toys has crystallised the power of product placement. For most high street retailers, they call this the exciting shopping experience that we all seek. The reason why high street shopping will always win over online commerce.

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12% of UK Consumers Buy Clothes and Shoes Online


We’ve recently been doing a considerable amount of brand and advertising acquisition work with online retailers and insurers. Looking through a few market studies, I discovered that “men are twice more likely to shop online than women” according to retailer CB Richard Ellis.

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Is Nike stealing its Research?

I recently watched a fascinating presentation on Open Data, by Nike VP of Sustainability, Hannah Jones. For those who don’t know Open Data is the concepts of making intellectual property and patents freely available to gen public. Read more on Is Nike stealing its Research?…