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AgencyUK takes home prestigious Chairman’s Award at Drum Network Awards



Leading integrated marketing agency AgencyUK has rounded off a successful year with five wins at the prestigious Drum Network Awards, including the coveted Chairman’s Award for its work with Welsh Lamb.

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Maximise your company’s presence outside of the event hall

Louise Walters, CEO of exhibition stand design company Priority Exhibitions, talks through five key ways she advises clients on how to really get the most from their exhibition stands to promote themselves at exhibitions and conferences.

Taking part in exhibitions and conferences is always a great way for companies to market themselves. But as an exhibition stand designer and manufacturer, we see lots of companies at events just going through the motions and not making the most of all the marketing opportunities around a conference or event. Read more on Maximise your company’s presence outside of the event hall…

Is the press as sick as a parrot?

Today, there can’t be many media professionals who haven’t discussed the woes of the press, certainly with regard to advertising revenue and their ongoing commercial models. The subject has been debated at length by publishers, their trade associations and media buyers.

With some notable exceptions, paid newspaper print circulations are in long-term decline and many general interest magazines are suffering the same fate. Read more on Is the press as sick as a parrot?…

Measuring success; how to reflect the true value of a campaign

Online advertising has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. The development of rich media ads has made the creative element more interactive and engaging, and access to greater consumer insight has enabled media buyers to be more strategic with campaign planning. But what does this mean for evaluation? Traditional metrics for measuring success, such as last-click, don’t capture the full value and reach of online campaigns anymore.

The problem with measuring the success of a campaign based on the click-through rate is that it only reflects a tiny fraction of the economic value of online advertising. Yes, of course it is important, but it’s equally as important to look at the wider reach and influence of your campaign. With the rise of rich media adverts, consumers are spending more time engaging with online advertising, activity that isn’t captured in last-click evaluation. Consumers interacting with ads are  engaging with your brand, so they may not being making an active purchase at that moment, but they are becoming more familiar with you and will be  more likely to search for you by brand name, rather than product type, and purchase from you in the future. Read more on Measuring success; how to reflect the true value of a campaign…

Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK

By Saman Mansourpour, as featured in ViewPoint Magazine
My alarm clock kicks in and the DJ tells me to tweet him. I brush my teeth and wonder if one of those semi-intelligent brushes might make my teeth whiter. I head downstairs and think it would be good to get one of those interactive fridges that tells me what I’ve run out of and whether I should order more. Then the phone clicks – it’s a smart one, you know.
I’m inundated with information about people I haven’t seen in years and probably don’t want to. But I click the ‘like’ button and everything’s fine. We’re all friends, though secretly I’m glad I don’t have my home address on my profile. Read more on Basic Instinct by @TheAgencyUK…

Emotions in B2B Marketing

Business buyers are just as human as the rest of us.  Marketers sell to people, not companies.  Of course there are rational corporate “needs” but B2B buyers have desires too, and emotions, often disguised and rationalized, that influence B2B purchasing decisions.Buying for a business is a process is driven by many factors, such as accountability, risk and pressure of persuading multiple stakeholders.  It certainly takes longer than buying something for the family.

By appealing to both the emotion and logic of your buyers, your brand is immediately more attractive, and memorable.  B2B marketing really does demand a combination of rational and emotional appeals at specific points of the process. Read more on Emotions in B2B Marketing…

Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Advertising has always been about selling in ‘The Big Idea’, but here in the Engagement industry, we like to turn things on their head by letting the consumer sell ideas to us. What I mean by this is that by working closely with consumers to establish their behaviour and needs, the more strategic we can become and the more appropriate the campaign can be. The key to true engagement is to tap into that essential human need, or motivation, and create an idea to fulfill this.

Remember Engagement isn’t about smacking the consumer in the face with an idea, more, it offers consumers a window through which they feel compelled to look.Take Nike for example. Nike didn’t invent running, more they tapped in to this consumer behaviour and found a niche within which to excel. Their mission is to ‘get London running’, and events such as The Nike 10k, a race through Richmond Park, attracts thousands of competitiors year after year. Their campaign ‘Nike Grid’ which encouraged consumers to run throughout their borough and dial mysterious numbers on phone boxes to win points was also very successful. Read more on Understanding Consumer Behaviour…

Marketing just got more personal

With the difficult economic climate, brands have had to become more innovative than ever to engage with consumers. Marketing is evolving from mass communication to a market of one-to-one communication, with brands starting to realise the benefits of engaging with consumers on a personal level.

Long gone are the days of trawling through websites to find things of interest or sifting through endless numbers of emails to find something relevant. Nowadays, brands are using personalised marketing everywhere to talk to their customers, using email and social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Read more on Marketing just got more personal…

Ten Lessons for Conversion Rate Optimisation

Today more and more marketers are using content optimisation solutions to improve digital conversion rates, and subsequently increase revenues, brand loyalty and ROI on all marketing efforts suggests Mark Simpson, Founder and President, Maxymiser  If you’ve already adopted some form of A/B or multivariate testing, behavioural targeting or website personalisation for your site, or are thinking of doing so—great. Now get the most out of these solutions and capture your revenues and ROI faster: come prepared with clearly-defined goals and objectives, as well as these lessons we’ve learned optimising with some of the biggest brands in the world. Lesson One: Be Prepared for the Real Buying Season

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